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No matter what your requirments. Our dev team will develop it for your.

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From PWA's to Native development we do them all.

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For branding or rebranding, our branding graphics team will sort you out.

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About Our Business

We know from experience, that it can be a daunting task to register a new company, find a suitable domain for the website and a web developer who will be able to understand your vision etc. We will register your company and your domain, no matter how big or small, we can help with it all!

Our Vision

It is our vision to be the One-Stop site for any person starting or revamping their own business.

We have professional inhouse partners that can help you with those services that we ourselves can not yet offer.

Our Mission

It is our mission to assist individuals from all backgrounds, experienced or novice to build their vision and build their companies from the ground up. We want our clients to achieve success by taking care of the hassles that they should not be burdened with.

Websites, Apps, Custom Development and PWA's are just a few of

Our Services

Company Registrations | Website and Email Hosting | Professional Website Development | Custom Web Development | App Development | Graphic Design & Photograpy

Company Registration

What are the advantages of registering your company?

Your Company will have a unique identity which creates a ‘Brand’ – as you choose a New Company Name of your choice.

It shows your customers that you mean business and you’re not a “fly by night” company. You can open a bank account in your company’s name, which will put your customers at ease when making payments for products beforehand.

Other benefits also include, Tax Verification & Clearance Letter of Good standing VAT Registration BEE COID Registration / Letter of Good Standing Tax Benefits etc.

Website and Email Hosting

Use our email hosting service to portray your professional image and stop using Gmail.

Your domain URL will display your company logo and contact details. We offer packages to suit your needs. You will be able to access your mail from any device, anywhere in the world.

We also provide website hosting if you're brave enough to take on the daunting task of building your own website. We support Wordpress, Drupal, Zen Cart and more.

We would however like to encourage you to leave the Webdevelopment to us as professionals so that you can concentrate on the formation of your business processes.

Professional Website Development

We take pride in building professional, mobile first, custom and unique websites for our clients. We will build you a website that will have the exact look and feel you want to portray to your customers.

A well designed, informative and inviting website will ensure you, returning customers and is a great advertisement of the quality of your products and / or services.

By default, we include a contact form for all the websites that we construct.

We offer and recommend to you the option to add a chat platform that will make it more inviting for your potential clients to reach you.

Custom Web Development

In most cases where a website has been properly constructed and is properly marketed, you can achieve heaps of success and provide loads of information to both your existing and prospective clients.

But you might run into a situation where you require an advanced setup to take care of some chores, or to enable you or your staff to enable chores that they might not be able to do under normal circumstances.

FitGen ran into such situation where they had to be able to update their agents without a delay. So, we developed a solution custom to their requirements.

Click HERE to see the result.

App Development

The last couple of years the app industry has boomed.

It is quite a costly venture to write all native apps for each of the major platforms, especially if it is for your company alone.

Fortunately, we offer alternative solution such as Progressive Web Apps or PWA's in short in addition to full native apps that make it more affordable for any business to now have their own app. We also build Ionic and React Apps that require one code base to run on both Apple and Android devices.

But look, if you have the next big thing it is probably best to stick to fully native. Consult us and we will lay the best options on the table.

Graphic Design & Photography

Graphics play an integral part of any development whether it's a website or app.

Your logo is also the first thing people think of when your bands name is mentioned.

Our inhouse graphics team take pride in their designs and we can assure you that your brand will not faint in among the crowd.

Using professional, personalised images that is aimed at your niche market will also enhance the look and feel of your website or app. It plays a very important role in your social marketing campaigns that we also handle for you.

Our Latest Projects

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Website Development & Chat

Afrikaanse Onderwys Netwerk custom website

Afrikaanse Onderwys Netwerk

Website Development, Hosting & Chat

A custom web development for fitgen to manage their agents

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Cutsom built system for accountants

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Custom Development & Hosting

Email and domain hosting

Erasmus Muler Attorneys

Email Hosting

Email hosting done by us


Email Hosting

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